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Who is Yev?

Yev is an incredibly talented magician with a lifelong passion for sleight of hand and mind reading. From his early days in Ukraine to the vibrant streets of London, his global sleight of hand mastery leaves jaws dropping.

Yev's magic knows no bounds, captivating audiences worldwide in bars, restaurants, theatres, and on the streets.

Walk around

Immerse your guests in a personal experience with close up magic at your corporate party or birthday celebration. Let the magic unfold as Yev brings enchantment directly to your guests, creating unforgettable moments that make your event truly magical

Stage show

Step into an exciting world with our magic show on stage. Yev's charming tricks and amazing surprises will catch everyone's attention. Watch as Yev performs on stage, creating a magical experience that will captivate your audience.


From private classes to international lectures. Discover a spectrum of card techniques from Yev's 20 years of expertise. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this workshop is designed to elevate your mastery of card sleights


Book Yev's highly interactive virtual show for an immersive experience of real magic from the comfort of your home. Elevate the experience with an exclusive masterclass, where you'll learn the basics of card magic